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Spring Detox Workshop

Published: Thursday, 8th February 2018

The Wood Element Yoga for the Liver & Gallbladder

Spring Detox Workshop – The  Wood Element Yoga  for the Liver & Gallbladder:   Detoxification

In this element of Spring  we will learn how to support the detoxification & purification of the body-mind system. Alleviating symptoms such as Fatigue, Sluggishness, Headaches, Poor Immunity, and Irritability & Mood Swings as we support the liver to clean the blood.

Whilst psycho-emotionally cleansing the body of suppressed or over-indulged emotions of anger stored in the tissues, such as Frustration, Impatience, Intolerance, Judgement & Attachment to Control.

 Thus allowing space for abundant vitality, clarity, & the embodiment of healthy response-ability, self- expression & compassion.

The workshop is one of a series of five each introducing, in some depth one of the five elements (energies or phases): these are Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal.

Throughout the workshops we will focus on the five elements in a holistic way to promote self-healing on a daily basis and in our everyday lives with others.


In this workshop we will l explore the spring  energy and how it moves through the body using therapeutic yoga working to stimulate and tone the wood organs and meridian channels for  liver and Gallbladder.

Together we will discuss and explore the emotional aspects of this element and the positive and negative  impact on our physical body   and emotional wellbeing.  Coaching and group discussion are included in order for us to understand mentally and physically how we can  heal ourselves and become more imbalance with this spring  element and the associated organs.


This workshop is open for everybody who has an interest in subtle energy and wish to deepen their ability to be more introceptive and introspective in their body, focusing more on body sensation and feeling.


The understanding and use of these elements are the foundations found in practices such as Acupuncture, Therapeutic Yoga, Shiatsu, Qi Gung, Tai Chi and Fung Shui

Cost - £30 student rate £25

Date –  Saturday  20th May 2017

Time 13.30 to 16.30   

Please call Mayura Studio on 01702 580713 to book your place